How to catch the sewing bug - My favorite sewing podcasts

When I am not sewing, I am thinking about sewing (almost). A big part of me catching the sewing bug was discovering podcasts around sewing. The number one sewing podcast that I know of, is the Love to Sew podcast by Helen and Caroline. Two entrepreneurs from Canada. Helen started a sewing pattern label 7 years ago (Helen’s Closet) and Caroline founded an online fabric store with the focus on garment fabrics. The two of them share their own very inspiring business stories, their passion for sewing and have invited many guests from very diverse backgrounds to the podcast over the years. They also produced many episodes focusing on certain sewing specific topics such as certain techniques, deep dives into fabric knowledge or tips and tricks to get started with sewing in general. I love their humor and how their passion for sewing is contagious!

They currently have 237 episodes out. To get some tipps on getting started with sewing you can listen to episode #32 beginner sewing, or one of the many others on techniques, tools and fabrics.

Many of their guests also share inspiring stories about their sewing journey and related businesses. I particularly enjoyed the story of bridal designer Brooks Ann Camper, the sadly now deceased David Page Coffin about shirt making, and Elisalex de Castro who went from shoemaking to create the homesewing pattern line By hand London. All three of them share unusual career paths and are a treat to listen to!  

Another podcast that I really enjoy from time to time is Dressed the history of fashion. The podcast is hosted by two fashion historians and is not dedicated to sewing in particular but to related topics of fashion. They share remarkable information on different topics of fashion history, such as the history of the pocket, fashion in Versailles or more sewing related the history of the paper pattern (recommend!).

Zoe from Check your thread focuses her podcast on sustainability and sewing. Be prepared, she talks unbelievably fast! Zoe shares ideas on how to use sewing to live a more sustainable lifestyle and on how to make your hobby more sustainable. Zoe also regularly invites guests to her show.

For all German speakers I can recommend another podcast with the focus on sustainability in the fashion industry hosted by the upcycling label Bridge and Tunnel from Hamburg. In their podcast Talk Slow, Conny and Lotte talk to their guests about the consequences of the fast fashion industry and focus on possible solutions.

So, if you are away from your machine over summer, this is how I stay connected to my hobby!