A visit in fabric heaven

We just returned from our annual summer vacation in France. As usual we took the train (that was supposed to be the night train, but that’s a whole other story…) to Paris and then continued to the most western part of France, the Finisterre in Britany, where we have family. This time we decided to spend two nights in Paris before taking on the second part of the journey. I took advantage of this stay to pay the garment district of Paris a visit! Such a treat!

Situated at Montmartre right next to the Sacré-Cœur you find one fabric or haberdashery store next the other. In this corner of Paris, you will find everything fabric wise that you can think of at every price point as well.

There are shops like “Coupons de St. Pierre” where you can buy precut pieces of 3 meters length at very good prices. I remember getting 3 meters of high-quality linen fabric for 30 Euros two years ago. Then there are five-story shops filled with everything from the finest lace, silk velvet, cotton, cupro … you name it. Some shops are dedicated to haute couture especially, others sell African wax print. I could have shopped for hours, but (luckily) I was carrying my baby around at the same time and really couldn’t hold any more weight on my shoulders. A light-weight piece of cotton with a pretty flower print came home with me that I will turn into a dress our blouse for my daughter.

In order to keep everyone happy while I was browsing through fabric heaven, I left my husband and five-year old daughter in a nearby park, hidden behind Sacré-Cœur, that has a really nice playground and wasn’t crowded at all.

Here are some impressions of what fabric heaven looks like!

Marché St. Pierre

Marché St. Pierre

Silk velvet in front the window looking into the street.

Rolls of silk velvet at Marché St. Pierre.

View on the Paris garment district from the stairs to Sacre Coeur.

View from the stairs to Sacré-Cœur on some of the big fabric shops on Place St. Pierre.

Rolls of 100% silk

Rolls of pure silk. Price tag says 15.30/meter.

Picture of the button pool

Le merveilleuse piscine à buttons! The great button pool.

10 buttons for 1 euro.

Picture of precut pieces of fabric of 3 meters length at Coupons de St. Pierre.

Precut pieces of fabric of 3 meter length at Coupons de St. Pierre.